More revenue, less churn

Churn is a major problem, it costs 5 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer compared to retaining an existing one.

We show you when and why your customers cancel their subscriptions and put together an automated retention strategy to drastically reduce your churn rate.

We'll help you retain your subscription customers for longer and reduce your churn rate, increasing revenue.

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Churn Analysis

Free for all users. The first step to improving your churn rate is to better understand your customers.
Our deep dive analysis will help to answer questions such as:
  • Which order numbers are customers dropping off at?
  • Why are people cancelling?
  • Do the reasons change over time?
  • What causes orders to fail?
  • What affects are discounts having on retention?
  • What are my most popular/profitable products?
  • Who are my best customers?
  • Who is about to churn?
With all this information and more, you can take the guesswork out of subscription retention.


It's 5-7 times cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one.
Incentivise your customers with proactive rewards to help reduce churn by automatically offering different gifts depending on how many times they've ordered in the past.
If you're currently gifting, chances are you're managing it with post it notes or spreadsheets. We can automate the entire process.
  • Gifts can include free shipping, a discount on the upcoming order, or any Shopify product
  • Add a gift to any ReCharge order, the first, second, fifth etc
  • We'll work with you to analyse your subscription performance and gifting strategy
  • Gifts are added a few days before the order is due
  • All gifts are one-off and won't affect any regular recurring orders


Coming 2021: Traditionally upsells are done at the checkout, since your subscription customers no longer visit your website for any recurring orders there is no longer an opportunity to upsell.
This means upsells are a manual task and let's face it, nobody has the time to do it. You're leaving 10-30% of additional revenue on the table.
We solve this problem by automatically upselling right before their order is due to be processed by offering a simple, hassle free experience.
  • Upsells are offered a few days before the upcoming order
  • Offer one-time or ongoing products
  • Track conversion rates with ease
  • Set and forget ruleset


Viadog Subscriptions is free during early 2021 whilst we work closely with our early users to optimise our product.
Our goal is to cost less than the increased revenue we bring you, either through upselling or churn reduction. This way it literally pays for itself whilst also helping to grow your business.
Free Plan
Analyse your ReCharge subscription data and discover exactly when and why cancellations occur.
  • Pinpoint high risk order numbers
  • Reveal the cause of cancellations
  • Identify customers about to churn
  • Churn impact on revenue
  • Highlight your best customers
  • Everything you need to start reducing churn
Our free plan includes all premium features until we start charging in early2021.
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Premium Plan
Premium plan coming later in 2021. Automate your retention strategy to boost subscription revenue.
  • Proactive gifting at critical order numbers
  • Survey and offer incentives to stay during cancellation process
  • Easily allow customers to skip/delay orders instead of cancelling
  • Upcoming order management via SMS
  • Trigger winback campaigns for lost customers
  • Notifications for customers about to churn
  • Gorgias and Klaviyo integrations
You will never pay more than the value we create for you.
Coming Early 2021

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Retention. Gifting.
We've got you covered.

Viadog Subscriptions will get the most out of your subscription orders by helping to increase revenue and reduce churn.

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