Building a Raspberry Pi powered motorhome controller

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July 31, 2020
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This post will be the first in a series following the progress of building a motorhome controller powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Although primarily a controller for the motorhome, the Pi will also act as a WiFi access point, media centre, and as a catch all for handling anything technical.

A high level overview of requirements should include the following but I’m sure more will be added along the way.


  • Voltage and amp sensors to monitor vehicle and leisure batteries, ignition and handbrake usage, and detecting 240V hookup power.
  • Water level sensors for fresh and grey tanks.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors.
  • GPS for location tracking, getting/setting the time when no network is available (the Pi doesn’t have a Real Time Clock).
  • Relay board for controlling lights, fans, inverter, water pump etc.
  • Accelerometer, I have one laying around so may as well use it, possibly to monitor the current angle of the vehicle.

Control Panel / Web Interface

  • Controlling and monitoring the sensors should be quick and easy to do through a touchscreen control panel.
  • The control panel should also be available as a web interface for use on handheld devices when away from the motorhome.
  • Should be able to control not just the sensors but also the WiFi, media, and display the weather forecast for the current location.


  • The built in WiFi will provide an access point for devices to connect to.
  • A second WiFi card with high gain external antennas will be able to connect to external networks and share the connection internally.
  • When no external WiFi is available it will fallback to mobile data, this should be done automatically and shouldn’t need user intervention.


  • Bluetooth connectivity in order to play audio through an amp and speakers.
  • Option to play video content on a 4k monitor.
  • Additional media options to be explored once the more important tasks have been completed.

Further Reading

This section will be updated with links to further content as it’s written.

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